Want to get involved with this event?  We always need volunteers to help out on the day of the event.  It’s just an hour and a half or two, you’ll be in the Park where most of the action is, and you’ll get the satisfaction of helping us make this event happen as well as our gratitude!  You’ll be helping at the information desk, signing up Catrin/Catrina contestants, or helping us set up and take down the Community Altar.

If you are new to the community, volunteering is a great opportunity to meet some people, enjoy a beloved community event, and share your talents.

If you are a long-time resident, volunteering gives you a chance to share your knowledge and love for our beautiful little gold rush town and community park.

If you’ve lost a loved one and want to honor them, we encourage you to contribute to the Community Altar.  Just remember to pick up any photos or other memorabilia that you want back prior to 4pm.  There will be a final blessing of the items, and a closing ceremony after 5pm, and any remaining items will be burned at that time.  Contributions to the altar may be made all day long.

Sign up here.