TechRush is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded by parents with professional backgrounds in Calaveras County in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Our purpose is to provide technology education to the youth of our community.
Program Description
TechRush will increase exposure to current technology innovations while also creating a foundation of real world business skills to all youth participants. TechRush will provide knowledgeable instructors, HiTech Tools and business opportunities to Foothill youth. The TechRush Boot Camp is an intensive, interactive educational experience for passionate and committed local youth.
This technology education is common in most Bay Area school districts and park districts.We plan to offer web development training in the Fall of 2015 as our first initiative.  Primarily local parents, on a voluntary basis, will provide this training.  A small number of topics will need to be outsourced through on-line training. Boot camp training topics include:

  • Brief history of the internet
  • How does the internet actually work TCP/IP and DNS overview
  • Website basics (HTML, CSS)
  • Graphic Design / Image editing
  • Technical writing (website requirements and specifications)
  • Website Creation (create websites for local businesses)
  • Business Sales
  • Project Management
  • Professionalism

The TechRush Business Practicum includes “real work” for local businesses in either individual or team settings. The TechRush Advanced Mentoring Program connects advanced youth with HiTech industry professionals to increase exposure in the HiTech industry while developing innovative products and creative inventions.
See our presentation for more information:
To volunteer to help, provide materials or find out more, contact TechRush here.