Under the supervision of the Camp Director, the Health Care Manager is responsible for overseeing the health and safety of campers and staff, serving as the initial caregiver for campers experiencing minor illness or injury. ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES Provide health care to meet individual needs of camp staff and campers Follow health care policies/procedures as described in the Healthcare Manual and treatment procedures Dispense camper medications as prescribed Keep private, accurate records of all health care given to campers and staff Ensure ill or injured campers are continuously supervised, with assistance of other staff members as needed In consultation with the Camp Director, communicate with parents regarding healthcare needs In consultation with the Camp Director, evaluate need for campers and staff to be treated or evaluated in the community clinic or emergency room Conduct regular surveys of health and safety conditions in camp, communicating findings to Camp Director With the assistance of the Camp Director, conducts periodic evaluations and supervisory conferences In a situation where a healthcare personnel is requested on an overnight trip, potentially accompany staff on trips to provide healthcare assistance Organize and maintain adequate resources for serving the health and medical needs of the campers and staff Set up the camp Health Center Organize camper paperwork and medications each session, and properly file paperwork at the end of each session Order and maintain all necessary medical supplies and equipment Prepare and distribute first aid kits throughout camp including units, camp vehicles, kitchen, offices, waterfront, activity areas, out-of-camp trips. Ensure kits are regularly stocked Maintain a clean, healthy, organized environment within the Health Center Complete thorough cleaning and inventory during post-camp Assist in staff training on health care policies and procedures during pre-camp training and throughout the summer Conduct pre-camp training on Health Center policies, basic first aid, and camper health and sanitation Participate in pre-camp staff training, as well as in-service training sessions Train trip staff on use of trip first aid kits, including medications; specific camper health and medication needs; and site-specific health and safety concerns, before every out-of-camp trip taken Provide feedback to staff as needed during staff meetings Perform health screening of campers and staff Ensure every camper and staff member has a health history form and recent physical; campers and minor staff members must have emergency authorization to treat Evaluate individual health, noting any exceptions. Establish medication schedules as needed. Perform lice checks Communicate with staff members as needed regarding individual camper health needs, including allergies Screen campers and staff leaving on or returning from out-of-camp trips as described in Health Care Manual Other Job Duties: Participate enthusiastically in all camp activities Attend staff meetings Assist in the general operation of camp as assigned by the Camp Director Qualifications Minimum age 21 Bachelor’s degree, desired Current MD, NP, PA, RN, LVN, or EMT license/certification for state of California Experience in pediatrics, school health, emergency, or urgent care, desired Valid driver’s license with clean driving record, desired Current certification in CPR Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Training and experience in working with children, desired Desire and ability to work with children outdoors in varied conditions Ability to motivate and maintain effective working relationships with staff from diverse cultures and all organizational levels Ability to work independently and with basic healthcare equipment Excellent spoken and written communication skills Physical Aspects of the Position: Ability to lift/assist campers and staff Ability to read and follow directions on medication labels, health forms, physician orders, and parent letters Ability to quickly get to remote locations on camp property over uneven terrain Ability to drive to off-camp health provider, physician, or emergency treatment locations Willingness to live in a camp setting and work irregular hours delivering healthcare in the facility available Ability to operate with daily exposure to sun, heat, and other environmental conditions Applying using the link below! Contact us at hrdept@girlscoutshcc.org for more information! https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/web.php/jobs/ViewJobDetails?job=18665&clientkey=A12ACBBBBF1539B574E31E758F9F9D18