PO Box 202 / 1391 Utica Powerhouse Road
Murphys, CA 95247
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Road Trip Espresso: Where Coffee Creates Community in Murphys, California.

Founded in 2013 as Jana’s Coffee Can and rebranded in 2017 as Road Trip Espresso, our vintage mobile coffee trailer acts as a coffee house on wheels.

We love serving our community with gratitude, excellence and sustainable smiles that meet or exceed people’s expectations. Jana Pisciotta and I, Tonja Peterson, are passionate about coffee from start to finish!

From the green to the roasted bean and from the espresso machine to the cup, I am the coffee roaster at Gold Country Roasters in Murphys, California, and Jana is a veteran coffee barista.

Roasting small batch, high grade, coffee bean varietals from around the world gives us access to the freshest coffee beans for traditional, handcrafted espresso-based drinks, cold brew coffee, and specialty creations.

Highlighting specialty products with sustainable twists and a mobile mindset is how we roll. In coffee and in life, Road Trip Espresso is the outcome of everything we love to do together.

Introducing Off The Grid Coffee

We like to call Pourover Coffee or Cone Coffee — Off the Grid coffee. It is one of our specialties, our passions, and our way of life from start to finish.

Making Off the Grid coffee is simple, neat, and virtually requires little to zero electricity. It’s a great paring for off the grid living, for making coffee the old fashioned way, and for keeping coffee brewing easy-peasy.

Every morning, we boil water on the gas range, grind the whole beans, set up our carafe and cone combo for two cups of java, and enjoy our morning coffee.

In true sustainability fashion, we’ve also created our signature Ironing Board Pourover Station for Off the Grid Coffee Gigs at concerts, events and gatherings with little to no electricity.

Between our Mobile Espresso Trailer and our Off the Grid Pourover stations — We are set for any coffee occasion that’s On or Off the Grid.