After a successful 3rd year the RITH team is back at it again, with their classic poster style art, an alien theme, and a fan-established brand. You can expect a true festival experience that immerses patrons into an abundance of reggae music, love, culture, and huge vibe. Bringing headliners from islands around the world, the U.S., and California… You can expect creative stage designs, cutting edge production, cool props and a family atmosphere. Performance art and dance are showcased throughout the festival. Set in the surreal Sierra Nevada foothills, this is a family friendly event and is all about the artists and patrons having the time of their lives. Come to the best mix of nature, positive vibes, and technology as they become ONE to provide the most unique and innovative festival experience to date.
2015 artists: Ky-Mani Marley, Don Carlos, Kabaka Pyramid, Bushman, Stick Figure, House of Shem, E.N. Young, Sister Carol, Mystic Roots, Gonzo feat. Beyond I Sight, Arden Park Roots, Indubious, Blaze Mob feat. Garth Dennis, Megan Combs, Stranger, True Press, Dewey and the Peoples, E Honu iti E, Reggae Angels, Massive Delicious, Da Mainland, Pasadena, Simple Creation, Black Salt Tone, Andrew Blasy, Stay Positive Sound, Mountain Lion Sound. Hosted by: King Schascha and Cali-Kidd
Campgrounds open June 12 at 12:00 PM
Main gates open June 12 at 12:00 PM
Music ends June 14 at 9:30 PM
Campgrounds close June 15 at 12:00 PM
Where: Calaveras County Campgrounds
Address: 101 Frogtown Rd. Angels Camp, CA
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