The Murphys Business Association Needs You!  Irish Day is just weeks away and we need your help to staff this event.  It takes a village to get this event set up, manage logistics during the event and help make sure that all those folks who are here to have a good time can find their way around town and through the event area.

We love our volunteers so you will receive a chance to win a raffle prize including the Trip to Ireland for each shift worked as well as be invited to our Thank You Party at the Murphys Historic Hotel on the Thursday after Irish Day.

We have a new system available where you may choose your time slot and your spot. Check it out here and sign up now or sign up your employee, spouse or whoever else you can rope in!  Feel free to share the link with anybody you think may be interested.

Thank you to all of you who have already signed up!

Looking for booth, parade and sponsorship forms?  Click here.