Murphys Creek Theatre hosts, and San Francisco’s company Bad, Bad Bunny presents: a captivating, heart-wrenching, hilarious journey of physical theatre: In the Blue of Evening.

San Francisco based, award-winning international clown and actor/creator Amelia Van Brunt embarks on an international tour with her solo show: a stunning and risky comedy that will take you on an epic and unforgettable adventure, guaranteed to leave you wonderstruck and asking: Who are we without our memories?

When: January 27-29 @ 8pm
Tickets: $20

Award-winning actress and comedian Amelia Van Brunt presents a solo exploration of memory, life and death, loneliness, and the elements. Amelia Van Brunt worked in collaboration on the show with Vancouver Fringe veteran and 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival Artistic Risk award-winner Ross Travis and also Steve Smith, legendary clown of Ringling Bros and Big Apple Circus fame. In The Blue Of Evening tells the story of a battle with dementia using the skills and forms of clown, Commedia dell’Arte, surrealism, and the shock of grotesque physical theatre. A stunning and fantasical epic journey whisking us from a living room to the high seas! Equal parts hilarious and touching, this highly skilled physical comedy is the story of a fiesty granny battling dementia who must fight to hold onto her memories and very existence against the forces threatening to wash it all away.

“Van Brunt is…vulnerable, dangerous, and strangely funny” -Indie Theater Now
“With masterful focus, [Amelia] challenges and surprises her audiences in every moment”
-KOLT Run Productions
“The future of American clowning.” -Sara Moore, SF Circus Center
-Saltspring Island Festival of Fools

WINNER: NY Fringe Festival Best Direction Award
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2016 Edmonton Clown Festival

Performed, Created and Directed by Amelia Van Brunt
Co-Directed by Ross Travis
Presented by Bad, Bad Bunny;