William Shakespeare’s King Lear

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Revenge, rage, grief, and delusion storm upon the boards of Murphys Creek Theatre as Don Bilotti takes the stage as one of theater’s greatest tragic heroes, King Lear. Robbie Allen returns to direct Shakespeare’s classic drama about a King ready to turn his realm over to his three daughters. His plan is simple: Give the grandest slice of his kingdom to the daughter who loves him most. But honeyed words and hubris blind Lear to the true motives of those around him, plunging king and kingdom into a hell of betrayal, madness, and unspeakable acts—Lear explores what happens when man’s law and nature’s law collide. When man’s ego and lust for power are met with the natural laws of the universe and explores what happens when we humans are left with nothing. With consequences that reveal the worst and best in human nature.

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