768 Mountain Ranch Rd
San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-3521
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We are committed to exceeding expectations in health care, and serving others with humankindness.

Our Mission:
The mission of Mark Twain Medical Center is to improve the health of our greater community by providing quality health care services, exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Our Vision:
To become one of the top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the country through the achievement of our Pillars of Excellence.

#1:  Patient Loyalty We will provide outstanding customer service, aspiring to treat those we serve the way they want to be treated.
GOAL:  We will achieve a patient satisfaction rate of 95% or higher.
PILLAR OF EXCELLENCE #2:  Medical Staff Development
We will respond to Medical Staff concerns and needs in a timely manner, pursue initiatives in collaboration with our Medical Staff and ensure the availability of the appropriate complement of providers for those we serve.
GOAL:  We will achieve an annual Medical Staff satisfaction rate of 90% or higher.
PILLAR OF EXCELLENCE #3:  Employee Development
We will encourage and provide for the ongoing development of our employees. We will provide an atmosphere that values our employees and promotes: open communication; competitive wages and benefits; selection and retention of effective, caring personnel; utilization and development of talent throughout the organization; on-going education; and employee recognition.
GOAL:  We will achieve and maintain an annual employee satisfaction rate of 90% or higher.
We will develop and maintain a system of continuous improvement which is incorporated into the daily work of every employee and Medical Staff member.
GOAL:  We will achieve and maintain a Patient Quality Compass Score that will place us in the top 10% of all Dignity Health Hospitals.
We will develop appropriate facilities, technology and services to meet the needs of those we serve.
GOAL:  We will capture 75% of our greater community for those services provided by Mark Twain Medical Center.
PILLAR OF EXCELLENCE #6:  Financial Stewardship
We will continue to strengthen its financial stewardship and position to enhance our ability to develop new services, obtain needed technology, modernize our facilities, recruit physicians and ultimately ensure long-term viability.
GOAL:  We will achieve an annual operating margin of 4% or more.

Our Values
At Mark Twain Medical Center, living our values means putting our passion into action every day. It’s about staying true to the meaning of these five core values: Dignity, Collaboration, Justice, Stewardship and Excellence. It’s up to every individual to make sure humankindness is what people expect to receive when they come to Mark Twain, and the standard we expect from one another.

For more information, please call us at 209.754.3521